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Pilot Knob Overlook by Tim Brown

Meeting Minutes and Presentations

The Environmental Quality Commission (EQC) provides opportunities for the public to share concerns and ideas with state officials and other decision makers through four quarterly public forums. These forums are held via video conferencing, allowing citizens throughout the state an opportunity to be engaged in environmental discussions.

Discussion topics often include:

    • Water and Air Quality
    • Energy Issues
    • Watershed Management
    • Human Health Issues
    • Recycling
    • Coal Mining and Reclamation
    • Forestry
    • Conservation
    • Current Events

The EQC also host summits and roundtable discussions at various events across Kentucky.


Energy Efficient Programs -- A powerpoint presentation by Department for Energy Development and Independence.

Fracture Simulation in Kentucky -- by Brandon Nuttall, Kentucky Geological Survey

Mine Substance Abuse Task Force -- A powerpoint presentation from the May 17, 2012 quarterly meeting of the EQC.

House Bill 465: Revitalizing Kentucky's Communities -- A powerpoint presentation on Kentucky's Brownfield Development Program.

Selenium Water Quality Standard -- A powerpoint presentation from the Division of Water.

Division of Forestry Update June 2013 -- A powerpoint presentation from the Division of Forestry.

Air Quality Update June 2013 -- A powerpoint presentation from the Division for Air Quality.

PSC addresses Solar in Kentucky -- Public Service Commission speaks to status of renewable energy.

Army Corps of Engineers' permit process -- Procedure for seeking permission to alter waterways.

Division of Waste Management remediation -- Black Leaf blighted neighborhood remediation.

Vendor groSolar proposal -- Solar installation proposal for Lee's Lane Landfill in Louisville.

Fracking in Kentucky -- Status report on this type of extraction methodology from Kentucky Geological Survey.

Resolutions and Recommendations

EQC Resolution on Timber Theft -- Passed unanimously by the Kentucky EQC on Feb. 23, 2012, at its quarterly meeting in Frankfort, Ky., regarding HCR64.

March 2015 Bluegrass Pipeline Recommendation from the EQC

2015 Timber Theft Resolution




 EQC Meeting Minutes